Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A house, and a sick house.

We've been busy this week trying to decide just how slopey is too slopey,


how much grout will be allowed in the kitchen (none!!!),


and lamenting that airy and beautiful vaulted ceilings often mean a room or two less upstairs.


Hopefully one of these three places will be our new home soon.


(This cherub statue was fitting, since we viewed the house on Valentine's Day.)

I am no good at this anxious waiting for news on our offer. I nervously click away on the computer, accomplishing nothing. I feel utterly vacant, hoping for the green light to get excited about the new prospects. I find the week slipping past with a whole lot of nothing getting done. There has appeared out of nowhere an avalanche of sippy cups that need to be washed.

I guess I haven't been completely useless. I've been nursing a house full of sick ones:





"But mommy, I'n dot sick," he said as he wiped his nose and coughed a couple of times.

As far as a house full of sick ones goes, this has actually been a very mellow infestation. In fact, this afternoon was one of the calmest on record. All three children were asleep or near thereunto, and I actually got a nap in myself. And so far, all vomit has landed on either a hard surface or in a trash can. Not bad; not bad at all.

Now, if we could just get into one of these houses so that I can reclaim my life and get back to doing things like laundry and making dinner. (It's 7:02 and I still haven't made dinner. Long sick naps always throw the day off schedule. Off to take care of that.)


Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Oh those snippets of the houses are beautiful! I know all too well the feelings of anticipation. Hopefully everything works out smoothly and quickly for you!

This also has to be the first post where I have ever seen "thereunto" used in a sentence (or at all). kudos! haha

Fire Wife Katie said...

Lol, right before I posted this, I was telling DH how shocked I was that thereunto passed the spell checker! :)

Hydrant girl said...

Oh man, I can't wait to hear which house it is!

Cristina said...

My vote is for the vaulted ceilings. But I also like the cherub. (The cherub comes with the house, right?)

Trina said...

Good luck with the house hunting!! We have a house that has been hit, too. No fun. Hope everyone feels better soon!

Missie said...

I am a new follower to your blog and have really enjoyed reading through your posts! The views of the houses you have looked at are great! Can't wait to hear what house you picked! Hope that everyone in your household is back to tip-top shape soon! It is no fun being sick. :-(

Fire Wife Katie said...

I'll definitely let you guys know when we get one! These are mostly short sales, though. :p Could be a while. Cristina, I love the vaulted ceiling one too; I just wish it had another room tucked away somewhere. And yes, I do believe the cherub comes with the house. Lol!

Missie, thanks for reading, nice to meet you! Half of us are already better, thanks for the well wishes. :)

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