Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Be careful what you ask for.

"Can you raid the freezer for me and bring some Christmas cookies when you come up?" said my husband to his mother, in anticipation of a weekend visit. We knew there would be long evenings around the dining room table, destroying his parents at Pinochle. The cookies would provide the energy needed to stomp them.


What we failed to anticipate was the magnitude of the cookie offering. These goodies are made and frozen by my mother-in-law each December, to be enjoyed throughout the dark and rainy months. My husband craves these every winter. His eyes sparkled as he showed me his* new stash.


Think bigger.


Much, much bigger.


That's more like it. Please note all the layers in each of those containers. I didn't know they made tupperware that big!

The sad thing? This picture was taken two days into the visit. The other sad thing was my scale this morning. I can't bear to admit what one gluttonous weekend did, eating more butter and sugar than anyone should consume in an entire month. Maybe two months. (*cough* 4 pounds *cough*) (How is that even possible!?) I'd blame the cookies, but there were many other factors that went into this spectacular explosion of my mid-section.

So, while I break out my pregnancy clothes (not pregnant; I simply fail to understand the concept of portion control) and medicate myself through the sugar withdrawals, someone please come over and enjoy these cookies for me!!

*Please note that my husband did not take "his" stash of cookies with him to the fire station. "His" stash is now taunting me from the fridge. Send help! Quick!


SherilinR said...

thank god for those buffet pants often worn by pregnant women. chow down girlfriend, the cookies won't last forever.

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Oh I'd gladly eat those cookies for you! I've been meaning to make some for myself. And you can always surprise your husband by being a lovely wife and dropping off baked goods at the station. I bet his shift would appreciate it :)

Fire Wife Katie said...

Sherilin, I am stuck in workout pants (ironically), since nothing else fits. I figure I can easily put on another 4 lbs before I run out of room. :)

Jen, come on over! He flat out refused to take them to work. Something about not sharing his stash. So, instead, he's sharing with every neighborhood kid that walks in my door. :D

Cristina said...

As I was on bedrest, I couldn't bake Christmas cookies this year. I would be happy to take those cookies off your hands and out out of your temptation.

Hydrant girl said...

Oh my! I'm on my way over to help.

Trina said...

I will be there - craving junk food like CRAZY today and I have been such a good little mommy - not having any of it in the house.

Enjoy it. We can all take off our winter weight together!

Rachel said...

I am RSVPing promptly to your lovely cookie party invite :)

Katherine said...

This is why I'm so hesitant to bake goodies at my house. I know that I'll eat them all.

A Prairie Girl in California said...

YUM! wish my M.I.L made me a stash that huge :D

melaniek said...

I would totally come help you...except this baby I'm growing seems to have an aversion to junk food, therefore I seem to have an aversion to junk food at the moment. If I could figure out how to bottle this...I'd be a billionaire!! lol Good luck with the cookie battle.

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

They're mine! All mine. I guess this would be a bad time to point out that I've actually lost weight since Thanksgiving. Hehehe.

Erika Beth, the Messy Chef said...

Wow. Those are a LOT of cookies. I would say to send them my way, but I'm currently stuffed from all the goodies around my office.

LisaDay said...

That is just mean. If you are going to request 'some' cookies, the least you can do is take them away from us.

Good luck.


Fire Wife Katie said...

You LOST weight??!! You are SO in trouble! Quick, everyone, eat all his cookies before he gets home!

*one for you... one for you... one for you...*

(Those are full plates I'm passing out, btw.)

Joi said...

I tell my hubby to take them to the fire department. I do not want them here. I am constantly baking things and sending them. They get to be my guinea pigs.

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