Thursday, November 4, 2010

A good bad day.

Do you ever have those days where you forget to send the monthly lunch money check with your daughter and she ends up eating a pity apple and cheese since she has a zero balance, then you go to use your bank card, only to realize that what you have in your hand is NOT your bank card, but your similar colored credit card, that doesn't have enough on it to cover the charges you just put on it, but you realize it about 10 seconds too late, after which you go to pick up your daughter from school, only to remember AFTER you fought the mega line to find a parking space that she's got her after school program that day and doesn't need to be picked up for an hour?

You know, one of those days where nothing goes terribly wrong, but your beloved keyboard dies, you get a new one that doesn't feel right, and it just happens to coincide with the first day of a diet? (Starting the annual post-Halloween pre-Thanksgiving slim down.)


I was worried that my daughter would be embarrassed and sad about the lunch money snafu. However, when I picked her up (the second time — at the correct time), my fears were put to rest. She was hungry, but happy. I was worried that the inadequate lunch compounded by a longer than usual day would create results similar to what happens at home in those circumstances — meltdown. Instead, she told me over the fast food we got to make up for lunch that not only was she student of the day, but she made it to the coveted "outstanding" level on the good kid chart in class.

Apparently, the hungry + over-tired combination has the reverse effect outside of the home. Kind of like how the baby will be perfect for Grandma while I run errands, but the second I show up, he bursts into tears. That way, no one will believe Mom when she says that her children are putting stickers and yanking them off of her last nerve.

I am grateful for my children and their happy outlook on life, even when forced to eat a sub-standard lunch because of Mom's forgetfulness. I don't mind that they save their bad day meltdowns for me. I like to be there for them. And really, when all is said and done, they are good kids. Odd at times, yes, but good. :)

I found another song that my odd, loveable daughter wrote. It's a gem:


Now, I have to be brave and take a look at that credit card account that I accidentally charged too much to. Darn you, Bank, for changing the color of my new bank card!!


a prairie girl in california said...

gotta hate these days...sorry!!!

Our Crazy Crew said...

My last two weeks were like that. Truck broke down twice, computer broke down twice, 4 trips to the doctor for family strep, phones keep dropping those important calls and demanding clients...yup...does it make it better that we all have them? It is nice to have a safe place to land (and cry) though, huh? Fabulouso husbands and kids for sure! (Even with their cute outfits and creative songs)!

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

At least you are able to look at the good side of a bad day :)

And your little girl's songs are adorable. Did she try and write the word apostrophe? lol

ty said...

DAMN, I know these days. My mama forgot the money all the time :) I had one of those days yesterday.

Renee Ann said...

Your daughter's song is so cute! You're both writers . . . (Visiting from SITS)

Colleen said...

I know exactly the sort of days you mean.:) They are the days you need chocolate and a long hot bath! :)

Your daughters song is hilarious!! A song like that would make any bad day better. :)

Such a fun blog, have a great week!

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