Monday, November 1, 2010

The candy is gone. Already.

This year, we did Halloween a little differently.


We did our candy run on Saturday, at the trunk or treat put on by the church. I like the condensed format. It was nice to walk from car to car, instead of trekking from house to house. And at their young ages, the kids allowed this to be a suitable substitute to real trick-or-treating. They thought it was great to walk around with all of their friends.

That night, the kids came home and attacked their stash.


I let them have at it. They got creative, using the Laffy Taffy's as glue to stick together candy creations. I believe the one pictured there in the upper right corner of the collage is supposed to be a car. A really gross, sticky car.

Then, on Halloween night, we had our own little party.




We used these little decorated brooms from the dollar store (of course) as place markers around the dinner table.


We carved pumpkins, ate the best pork roast and glazed carrots, the kids dressed up again (dad too, who was home because of a dry cleaning snafu — yay for dry cleaning snafu's!), and we let them do the door answering.


"Hey... you're in my CLASS! Now you know where I live!" (Insert giggling here.) "Mom! Sydney knows where I live now!"

It was cute, relaxing, and perfect.

Well, almost perfect.

About half an hour before the trick-or-treaters stopped showing up at our door, we ran out of candy. Came to find out that our 4 year old was being very giving.


"You wike dose? I wike dose ones, too. Here you go!"

Meanwhile, my daughter was announcing to the children that they could take whatever they wanted. And they did.

Since the candy was running out but the kids were having so much fun answering the door, they decided to raid their personal stash from the night before. By the time we turned out the lights, it was gone.

All of it.

(Except the unwrapped, half-eaten lollipops stuck to my kitchen table. Oh, and the "car.")

The kids — they don't seem to mind that there's no sugar in the house. As for me, I am having severe withdrawals. I have to constantly remind myself that it's for the better, and I can do without. I can do this. I can handle the lack of sugar. I can master my cravings.

I can also stop by the store and pick up some clearance bags of candy. It would be wrong to pass up such great deals, don't you think?

Just trying to be money conscious here.


SarahB said...

That is proof that you have really sweet kids! So generous to raid their own candy stash to give to the other kids. :)

Cristina said...

For some reason, it has never been a tradition with our church to do trunk or treating -- strange considering where the Land of Streetlights is, isn't it? We have a chili and pie cook off instead. I know.

Reena Lyon said...

Jared and I went clearance sale shopping tonight and the majority of our purchases was clearance candy (for our sunday school classes). Nuttin wrong with that! :) I love that the kids gave away their candy -- I think that speaks volumes of their personality. I don't know too many other kids that would do that!

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

There are signs on stores around here that Halloween candy is 50% off. Sounds like your kind of deal ;-)

Fire Wife Katie said...

It's true, they're good kids, but don't worry that they were being self-sacrificing. They had already had their pick of their candy! Giving the rest away was pure fun and they didn't miss it one single bit. They were more disappointed that I refused to go to the store and get even MORE candy to pass out.

50% off? C'mon stores, you can do better than that!!

I'm just happy that their dad could be there. I forgot to put that in -- will edit -- thank goodness for the uniforms being at the dry cleaners, otherwise he would have been gone both Sat. and Sun. :D

melaniek said...

That's awesome your hubby could be home with you guys!!! looks like you all had a blast. I would totally give you some of our candy for those sugar cravings..mine managed to gather 6lbs of candy.

Allyson & Jere said...

What sweet kiddos you have. Sounds like a great Halloween weekend for you.

a prairie girl in california said...

what a totally super idea with the "dollar store' brooms... Ive been tryin to think what I could use em for :D thanks!!! (again)

Kristy said...

Impressive job on eating all the candy! Looks like you had a great weekend!

Jenn Erickson said...

Well, I guess you can't fault a kid for being too giving and generous!

I've never heard of a trunk-or-treat, but what a wonderful idea! I love it that you're with members of your community that you know and trust. What a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday with those you're closest with!

Colleen said...

Sounds like a great Halloween all round! I like your idea of celebrating together at home!

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