Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Wreath - A Preview

I'm working on a post about a wreath.

It's an extensive post that has taken me days to stage (hence my lack of writing here this week.) I'm super excited about it. I wasn't prepared to be super excited about a wreath. Who loses sleep over a wreath!? It's a sad state of affairs, this is. I will return to the land of the normal non-wreath-obsessed people next week.

In the mean time, since all of my energy has been spent on this lone project, all I have to offer you is a preview of the wreath post:


Oh, but there's more. So much more...

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Rachel said...

You are totally taking lessons from Brian Switch2PlanB with the "to be continued"...

evil, I tell ya, just evil. Makin us wait! ACK!!!!

(The preview looks gorgeous tho!)

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