Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's nice to have a good fairy in the family.


When my mom comes to visit, she brings with her random cool furniture from the second hand store that she mysteriously fits into her white van.


She then materializes the most recent copy of House Beautiful, which coincidentally has the same table (with a coat of black paint) featured on page 114. She leaves the magazine for me to enjoy, with just a page or two missing or earmarked.


Mom is a vintage fairy, leaving behind old items made new again wherever she goes. When she isn't bringing revitalized toys from the thrift store, she's dropping off items from my own childhood — to re-live their glory days on the bedroom floors of my own children. In this case, she brought all of the old ballet costumes that I had accumulated over the awkward years. There's some very... special costumes in there!


Ever since, my daughter has been trying on a different costume every two hours. She prances in front of the floor-length mirror to see which one twirls the best. She giggles at her pretend stories about princes and princesses and imaginary pop stars.

When my mom visits, she brings birthday presents that are a month or two late. It's like having a second birthday. My oldest boy proudly tells her he's four as he squeals with delight at the book and balloons that she, his new best friend, brought for him. He sticks by her side and, as any best friend would, she reads to him and plays with him and blows up impossibly long balloons. All day.


When mom comes to town, she finds a note from my daughter that was stealthily placed on her bed the night before her arrival. I find a similar note peeking out from under my door. We open the envelopes while we're waiting for her to be done with school.


Invitations to a birthday party for... someone. Most likely one of her toys. After school, I ask her who the party is for.

"Well, it says it's Chocolate's birthday party."

"Who's Chocolate," I ask, clearly not up to date with her phonics, or with the new wave of names for her stuffed animals.

"You know, the pony with brown and dark brown."

While my six year old and I discuss the characteristics of this particular brown and dark brown pony, to distinguish it from the other fourteen brown and dark brown ponies in her room, my mom makes a quick trip out to the car. She serendipitously has a small chocolate cake out there, perfect for Chocolate's birthday party, in her white van of wonders. She had purchased it on the way to our house, just in case.


I don't know how she makes furniture and chocolate cakes appear out of nowhere. That's just the sort of thing you can expect when you have a good fairy in the family.



And then, as quickly as she arrives, she's driving away to sprinkle charm and chocolate on the other waiting children — young and old — in her kingdom.


Jen at Cabin Fever said...

That is the coolest thing ever, a chocolate cake for your little girl's stuffed animal's birthday. Those are the things that make great memories. Your mother is a wonderful person :)

Melissa D said...

Wow. Your mom sounds wonderful. Stuffed animals are very special, so it's nice that your mom could give your daughter's toy a cake.

DanielleCorrelle said...

This made me smile. :o)

Cristina said...

Can I be adopted, please? I am pretty sure I can fit inside a white van... said...

How sweet a grandma she is! And a wonderful mother.
Your and yours are blessed.

Now we know where you get your eye for decorating :)

Anonymous said...

Aww...brings tears to my eyes! That's what grama's are for...making wonderful memories for their grandchildren. Makes me think of all the fun things my sons' grama did for them before she passed they linger.
Auntieee to aprairiegirlincalifornia:)

a prairie girl in california said...

ok to start. Katie. I tell ALL my family about you and your blog :o). hence all the comments from aprairiegirlincalifornias auntie and sisters:) just so you know:) lol.

anyways. yes. your mom must be a wonderful person.
your kids are super lucky to have such a wonderful person to call their Grams :)

Mandy said...

Love love love this post. Your mom sounds WONDERFUL. :)

Katherine said...

I hope to be just like that. I'm trying to be that kind of mom, but always am a little short of chocolate cake.

Rachel said...

She sounds like a blast! I love her personality and how the kiddos love her too!

Beautiful table... I'm jealous!

And the cake?? Well, you already know about me and CAKE :)

Allyson & Jere said...

Wow! You have perhaps the best fairy EVER!!! She sounds wonderful. Loved the pics and the sentiment.

Hydrant girl said...

Oh my, I love this story!

Rachel said...

That is so sweet... My almost 5 year old is always in an imaginary world but I'm not sure I'd have the patience to actually get a cake for is pals b'day!! Maybe I'll actually do it now that I saw someone else do it! :)

Kristy said...

How cute! That cake is divine!

Mrs. Muffins said...

Wow... I want a "fairy" like that to come visit me ;)


Lexi said...

This is one of the most amazing blog posts that I have ever read!!!! I love that you shared the story of how fantastic your mom is to you and your kids, and I hope that I can be that kind of Grandma/Mom one day!!! Thanks for sharing!

Fire Wife Katie said...

Thanks, all! she really is an amazing person!! I have no idea how she does it. What are the odds that she'd happen to have a chocolate cake in her van when my daughter randomly decided to celebrate a stuffed animal's birthday -- named "Chocolate" no less!? :)

Turtle said...

Love the way you put this together! Thank you for sharing her with us!

Mommy to ♥Pickle and SugarPlum♥ said...

What an amazing gift you have in your life! The fact that you write so beautifully about her shows how much you love and appreciate the gift you have...I adore that quality. Next time your fairy visits, please give her an extra bit of love from me. The world could use some more good fairies!

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