Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A big day for a little baby

Okay. I admit it. He's not so little anymore. It startles me, how much he weighs, when I pick him up out of his crib. I miss my little seven pounder. Now I lift a hefty baby toddler that weighs three times that.

This week he learned a new trick. He learned to open the doors in our house that have this type of doorknob:


I've become painfully aware of just how many of these handles we have in our house.

All three bathrooms, the broom closet, the door to Pepper's kitty litter and food bowl, the door to the garage,


not to mention, the front door. EEK!


Thankfully, the two super-important doors — the ones to the garage and outside — have upper locks, so that's manageable. It's the bathrooms and the subsequent splashing in the toilets that is problematic. I'm trying to block from my memory the image I have of him climbing into the kitty litter box, his right pant leg soggy from sitting in Pepper's water bowl. I need therapy. Pepper probably does, too. Poor girl.


On the exact same day he discovered his door opening capabilities, he learned to climb onto the coffee table.


Getting down... well, that hasn't gone so smoothly. One time he sort of rolled off, his tight fist still stubbornly balled around the piece of toast he had climbed up there to get in the first place. He was fine; he barely noticed the flomp onto the ground. Another time or two, he simply stood there and called for me until I got him down. But the most frequent scenario involves his older sister yelling "MOM! He did it AGAIN!" as she grabs him by his widest belly width and Heimlichs him down to the ground.

So, this weekend, we will be conducting the great doorknob switch of 2010. As for the coffee table problem... thank goodness we don't have wood floors!


The Coupon Goddess said...

I LOVE that picture. King of the world!! He is incredibly cute.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

I remember few mths earlier when my boy started to climb on things, one time he walked to get his ride-on car, then he rolled it along right in front of the TV cabinet, then he climbed onto the ride-on (not sitting on it, he actually stood on it) and trying to reach the TV... scary....

Anonymous said...

We put hooks-and-eyes on the tops of all problem doors during the unsafe years; ugly but cheap.

Strawberry CAKE said...

Oh is all coming back to me Cece was famous for door tricks. BUT what she did was lock herself in rooms, and we did not realize until she started doing this that the very fashionable white porcelain knobs we have are freakishly hard to unlock. So we no longer have any locks on any of our doors. Which is ok.....we were never really door lockers anyway. Except on mommy and daddies bedroom it would be nice to have a lock once in a while...if you get my drift. : P

Ratz said...

Awwww... Loved the picture.... Look at the way he's standing... awesome

KShiell said...

He's so proud standing up there for momma to take a picture! haha! Good luck with the doorknob switch.
We had an episode just a few weeks ago - my DD walked in the back door and right out the front door before we even got inside from the backyard. Scared me half to death, the night we made a trip to wal-mart for door knob covers!

Susan said...

What a cutie pie. Have you noticed kids always want to stand on the tables. Thank you for letting me visit. It's been a pleasure.

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