Tuesday, March 16, 2010


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The bad:


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I made these doughnuts from the Pioneer Woman's recipe last week. It took me all day, with the kneading and the rising and the refrigerating and the getting the oil to juuuust the right temperature. It made the doughnuts at the grocery store seem like such a good deal, considering how much effort it takes to make one.

In fact, it was such hard work that I don't know if I'll attempt them again. If I do, I might try a suggestion one of the readers made, to substitute half of the butter with an extra egg and an extra yolk. She said that the lower butter content will prevent so much oil from seeping in. That would be a good thing—these came out really greasy, in spite of my avid blotting and turning. The texture of the original recipe wasn't quite what I was looking for, either.

Also, the dough was very elastic. I had a hard time rolling the remnants out after each cutting. The more times it was rolled out, the more irregular (and tall) the end product became. The one on the left was from the first rolling, and the one on the right from the last:


The dough probably needed to rest between rollings, but I had spent so much time on these suckers as it was, I didn't want to wait.

Other notes—I didn't cook them for as long a suggested. These browned up quick, even with the oil 5 degrees lower than the recipe recommends. Also, I used the water variation of the glaze. It didn't sit on top of the doughnut as much as I had hoped it would. Instead, it seeped right in. The above pictures were taken after two glazings. I'm wondering if the milk variation sits on top better. Judging by PW's pictures, I'd say yes.

Still, they were tasty, and the shortcomings didn't keep me from eating way too many of these.

Mmmmm. Doughnuts.


christy rose said...

wow! what a lot of work! We do doughnuts too sometimes but we just buy bisquits and use a thimble to puncture a hole in the middle then fry them and roll them in sugar. Sounds a little easier huh? But I am sure it is not near as rewarding. :)

wife.mom.nurse said...

I LOVE doughnuts...but I never eat them. It's an addiction for me and if I start again I may never stop shoving them in my face :)

Morgan said...

oh those look so good!!!

babs said...

I had much the same "problems" as you did. I found they weren't really that hard to make, but very time consuming. And I also ended up with some doughnuts that rose better than others. And, like you, I wasn't crazy with how the glaze seemed to seep in. I found the glaze a bit odd tasting - the salt did not help. I think the doughnuts could have used a tad more salt (this coming from a person that always cuts way back on the salt in everything) and then no salt in the glaze.

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