Sunday, March 28, 2010

Deep Thoughts


We spent the day at a duck pond yesterday.




(Aren't geese strange, alien creatures?)


So, what were we really thinking yesterday?


The baby is a happy soul. I still catch him grinning at me all the time. He doesn't say much. However, he has the endearing ability to say everything he needs to express through cooing and ahh-ing and blowing raspberries. I've spent nearly a year with him now, so I have a pretty good idea what he was pondering that day:


My older boy is a little more difficult to read.


One might have seen him and thought that he was excited about the ducks and the water. But here's what he was actually thinking:


As for me, it was a typical day as Mom.


I was having standard Mom thoughts.


My husband was keeping up with traditions.


I imagine his thought process went something like this:


My daughter — she's a wild card.


Her thoughts are delightfully random. She says it best in her own words.



My firefighter will have been at work only four days this month due to his surgery. I'm sad to see our time off together come to an end. Aside from the whole hospital part, it's been a relaxing three weeks. At least him going back to work means I have less competition for the use of the computer. :)


Shannon O | Confessions of a Loving Wife said...

That pond is just lovely... your children are beautiful... your commentary is priceless! ;) said...

What wonderful photos. Looks like a delightful family time and cherished memories.

I just love the sweetness of that little writing :)

Sarah said...

That's hilarious Katie. Kyra's really thinking about cats. A lot. I wonder if I thought about cats as much when I was her age? I wouldn't put it past me!

Hydrant girl said...

That is so sweet! Great pictures too.

Strawberry Cake said...

I found you in the comments of Pioneer Woman, I don't normally peruse her comments but the wife of a firefighter caught my husband is an emergency room doctor...not quite as crazy as your life but similiar in ways...I like your juice boxes and bubbly water video. Great pic too by the way. I am giving away a signed copy of PW's cookbook on my site if you are interested Wed. is the last day to comment. Send your peeps : D

Fire Wife Katie said...

Thanks for stopping by, those who are here for the first time! S.C., I bet you hear some great stories as the wife of an ER doctor. :)

brian said...

Cool...looks like the baby was dropping right out of the sky! Lucky catch :)

Queen B. said...

such a sweet post.......
love all the pics....... :)

elfqueenof5 said...

Beautiful pictures and great post!

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Nothing is more wonderful that a little girl's completely random and tangential thoughts. Too bad they label that as ADD when you become an adult... so unfair!

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