Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just us, Santa, and.... what the heck????


We went to the fire department's Christmas party this past weekend. There is no group better prepared to market a Christmas party to children than a fire department.


The people in charge did a fantastic job of making it a family-centric event. There was a volleyball net set up with gigantic beach balls to play with, a large floor mat lined with chairs on every side for parents of young children to corral their offspring, a bunch of those huge blow-up plastic figures that are fun and indestructible,


a table set up for making gingerbread houses, footballs being thrown around outside, and of course, flashy fire trucks for kids of all ages to crawl around on. Or stare at.


Oh, and a fantastic dessert bar set up upstairs.


And, of course, Santa arrived via lights and sirens.


There were, however, some telltale signs that there were few, if any, women involved in the planning of this event. For example, there were no vegetarian food options, even though there's a known non-meat-eater or two on the department.

But it was the Thriller music on Santa's arrival that really betrayed the guy-centric planning. Not only did we have a Michael Jackson sound track, but there was also a wannabe MJ elf, dancing and all:


Really, it was a great party, even though there may have been a tad too much MJ:


I think I may have a submission for Awkward Family Photos.


Ashley said...

Aren't the smarties a vegetarian option? Looks like fun.

Quest and Stephanie said...

I'm impressed there are no tears with Santa! I'll have to post our Santa picture, it's pretty hilarious :D

mom said...

Emmett has the "who and why on earth is this?" Santa gaze --- no child's photo history is as good without a shot of that!

mnlop said...

Ha hah hah, the orange elf just kills me! Is he one of the firefighters?

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

Yes, MJ is one of our firefighters. He wasn't a planned part of the entertainment but was happy to step in.

Katie said...

Lol Ashley! And Steph, I saw your Santa picture--classic!!

wife.mom.nurse said...

you are cracking me up with that last line.

Hmmm, MJ music...yep sounds like a guy thing :)


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Very fun! Your party looks amazing for kids! I love the "awkward" family picture. Ours are always awkward, since my two year has decided to cover his eyes and say "no" to any picture taking. I can't wait till he grows out of this stage!

katie beth said...

I think its a cute family photo! Looks very "in the moment" and those are the things I treasure the most in pictures, more so than the very prim and proper staged pics.

You have a great blog by the way!

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