Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nerd Status: Confirmed

It's been about seven months since we moved away from the LA area. What do I miss most about living there?

Is it Porto's?


(How do I love thee, Porto's? Let me count the fat cells...)

The Huntington, a.k.a. the pretty green place in a sea of urban sprawl where we used to take pictures?


The ability to haggle over 30 yards of dirt cheap gray microfiber fabric to get it dirt cheaper so I can sew covers for my couches?


(I am nevereverevereverEVER going to sew another cover for a couch. That is the promise I made to myself when my firefighter got this job.)

Oh no, what I miss most is game night. I miss this...


and this...


and definitely this, the nerdiest game of all nerd-dom.


We have to warn people about two things when they come to play Cosmic at our house.

First, my firefighter and I love each other dearly, regardless of what may happen during the course of the game. Once the game is over, we will go right back to loving each other dearly. But all bets are off during game play and it is guaranteed that at some point, he will declare that he is going to destroy me.

Second, you will hate this game the first three times you play it. There is an insane amount of variables and rules. There are rules about the rules, and how to break them. Even now, five or so years later, it's rare to get through a game without some debate about the rules. The allure of Cosmic is that there are so many variables that each game is vastly different.

But once you get over the rules thing, you will find yourself wishing there were more opportunities to get together and play Cosmic. You will spend $250 on e-Bay to get the correct, discontinued version of the game. You will be brought nigh to tears when your glass of Diet Dr. Pepper spills on said edition, and wipe each card and piece off lovingly to salvage it. You will contact the rules guru about a dispute between you and your firefighter over an aspect of the game, get the email back that says your husband is right and you are wrong, wrap it up, and give it to your firefighter as a present on his birthday.

A friend came to visit this last week and we had the opportunity to play games again. I miss that interaction with other people. I miss being able to think about something non-work and non-kids related. There's something therapeutic about playing games. I like that there is a resolution of some sort at the end, every time.

And, it's nice to kick the trash of my super competitive firefighter when he gets all high and mighty.


Morgan said...

Playing games is a lot of fun. Being a video game gal doesn't make you a nerd ; )

Anonymous said...

It is rare that you "kick the trash of my super competitive firefighter."

Katie's Firefighter

Katie said...

Oh... shush!! said...

ok, I'm only an hour away from Porto' gorgeous picture and I'm sold!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok..I have never played the cosmic game...but Catan oh yeah!!! There I can relate to the hating your dear husband, or child, or anyone that steals your knight. We play online Catan as well. I might have to check into Cosmic Encounter. Thanks for the post. Only a true Catan lover would recognize the purple merchant.

Katie said...

Anon, another good one, if you like the Settlers series, is called Carcassonne. Most of my friends who play Settlers play that one too. :)

Fiddle1 said...

Good night on covering your couch!! Pretty impressive. Though I am not surprised.

Stephanie said...

I miss the games too, being there last week really reminded me of that :( But it makes the times we do get to play that much more enjoyable right? Nah, I still wish we could play every Sunday!

mom said...

When I can walk again this item will be placed on my "check for it EVERY time" DI list!

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