Sunday, September 27, 2009

What? Four year old's don't listen?

This is eye-opening. I can see how children would assume matches and lighters are ok to play with since Mom and Dad use them without getting hurt. I'm off to make sure my matches and lighters are out of reach...

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Wow, by the time I was done watching this video, I was so emotional.

How scary. I will even reinforce this lesson with my 10 and 12 year olds!

Cats Meow said...

My son was very, very curious about fire and at the time, I was a smoker. This was in 1972-1978 and fireproof lighters were still being perfected. I really did everything I could to keep all that secured but because I was a smoker, it was still accessible.

I could never seem to get it through his head that he could be burned and if he survived, he could be scarred for life. We are so very fortunate he never got so much as a finger blister from playing with fire.

He's finally outgrown it, I think. He's 39 now and sometimes I wonder (smile).

I'm forwarding this to him to remind him about his behavior and that he needs to keep this stuff out of the hands of my grandchildren.

Thank you very much for the post. Unfortunately, it's not something we think about until it's too late.

Cats Meow

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