Tuesday, September 8, 2009

FDNY Firefighter Calendar 2010

Ok. First of all, I'm in shock that it's going to be 2010 next year. I remember where I was on New Year's Eve, 1999. I was at my in-laws' house on a hillside near Los Angeles, playing pinochle. We had a bird's eye view of the valley below, poised to witness the massive Y2K power failure. Where were you in 1999?

Suddenly, it's nearly 10 years later--didn't that go by in a blink?

This month I am promoting a calendar featuring FDNY firefighters. Even now, years after 9/11, most fire departments across the country carry some sort of emblem or remembrance of those who died on that day. The 11th is coming up, and every year I think back to that morning, casually turning on the t.v. before I headed off to work. I remember the gut-wrenching horror and pain as I cried over and over, "What about the firefighters? Please tell me they got out! Please tell me they got out!!" It makes me emotional just thinking about it. I can't get through that day without realizing how risky my firefighter's job can be.

I will never forget.

(I can't get through that day without wishing my dad a happy birthday, either.)

In honor of those on the other side of the continent whom we remember this time of year, I bring you the 2010 FDNY calendar. Proceeds will benefit the Staten Island Burn Center.


Thank you, firefighters of New York, and thank you to the wives and families of those who fell that day. I think about your sacrifice and valor more often than you realize.


Hydrant girl said...

Sorry, what did you say? Got a little sidetracked there.... lol

Anonymous said...

I, as most people, will never forget where I was on 9/11. I was at work, my husband just got off his 14 hour shift as a firefighter in NJ. I heard about the first plane and called him. He put on the scanner and put the phone next to it, I put my phone on speaker phone and we listened to FDNY. I'll never forget the fear in their voices.

Then my husband decided he was going over to help with the rescue - a bunch of guys got together and made it to the George Washington Bridge - they weren't permitted over - there was a suspicous vehicle under the bridge. They were part of the decontamination efforts that day.

On my way home I saw the smoke - I saw it for months from my bedroom and bathroom windows.

9/12 I stayed home late to have breakfast with Paul as he was going over to be a part of the rescue efforts.

As he was walking out the door his Aunt called. Paul's cousin was missing. He worked in the south tower. We heard that on 9/11 he called his wife and told her he was ok, what we didn't know is that they lost their connection when the South Tower was hit.

From what we heard, Keith was last seen helping people out of the building.

Paul went over day after day - for what seemed like an eternity - first to be part of the rescue, then the recovery.

Keith Kevin O'Connor - forever in our hearts.

Katie said...

Lol, Hydrant Girl!

Anon - thanks for giving a name and a story to think about today. I can't imagine how difficult that day must have been for your firefighter!

Anonymous said...

Katie - thanks and sorry I didn't post my name. It was a rough day and each 9/11 is rough - but we get through it as a family. We're already planning on being together next year in 9/11 as it's on a Saturday. It will be a celebration of Keith's life.
Janice from jersey

Linda Armstrong said...

I don't know how we can do it but I think we must ALWAYS remember 9/11. The survivors of the Holocaust have managed to keep the horros of the death camps alive in our minds. (I wonder of some day, some idiot will say it was all a hoax.) The brave souls who gave their lives that day have earned our eternal gratitude as do the ones who were fortunate to be able to go home to their families that day.

Thank you for contributing to that memory.

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