Friday, May 29, 2009

"Uh... Honey... we have a problem..."


Can you guess what this is?


Same object, a different view.


I'll give you a clue.


It has to do with this two year old,


and some curious fingers.


If you guessed doorknob, you're right!

I went to put my little man to bed last night and found that he had locked himself in his room. He was frustrated and crying--not because he was locked in his room, but because he couldn't get his jack-in-the-box toy to go back in the box. I sat there on the floor, talking under the door, trying for half an hour to lure him over to unlock it. The stubborn little guy would have no part in it--not even for a cookie. I'd do just about anything for a chocolate chip cookie, I don't know what his problem was.

I was fortunate, my firefighter was around to help me out. We tried picking the lock to no avail. Then he thought he'd try climbing on the roof and see if he could get in the window. It's a narrow, steep roof to get to the window and my mind was instantly swarmed by images of him tumbling to the driveway below. Within seconds I had planned out who I'd have watch the kids so that I could go to the hospital with him. Thankfully, he thought twice about that.

The only other option was to break in. I pictured him putting on his heavy boots, shouting "CLEAR" and sending splinters of door and molding flying through the air. Luckily, his operation was much more precise. It's nice to know that if a firefighter has to break into the house, he's trained to do so with as little damage as possible.

A pry bar, a hammer, and a skilled firefighter later, the door was opened. The door survived unscathed.



The doorknob, however...


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm glad you were able to get him out ok. He looks too cute to be any trouble.


Lauren said...

I just came over to your blog from your comment on PW's how-to-blog, and I've got to say your blog is great! Great pictures, great writing, and definitely interesting topics. This one about your son is adorable and definitely kept me reading to figure out what that was :)

Katie said...

Anonymous, he is very cute, even when he's trouble. :)

Lauren, thank you so much for coming over and giving me some input! I really appreciate it. I look forward to the next session of blogging class. :D

Mr. Daddy said...

good idea for getting him out...Now can he get it back together????? LOL

No insult intended, I just happen to help maintain our States Fire Training Acad. and the guys up here are pretty good at taking it apart...

Getting it back together? UMMMM not so good.
Hope your hubby is a cut above the regular fire guy... LOL

Fire Wife Katie said...

Lol Mr. Daddy! So true, so true. :D He is a cut above the regular fire guy, and he can repair things as well as he can break them, but the reality is--that door is still without a doorknob!

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